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Long Stamens, Yellow Flowers & Red Berries of Perennial Shrub Fragrant St John's Wort Hypericum hircinum | Heartwood Seeds UK
Vivid Yellow Summer Blossoms Attract Pollinators & Contrast with Blue-Green Foliage of Garden Plant Tutsan Hypericum hircinum
Beautiful Red & Purple Black Berries Before Warm Autumn Foliage Colours of Fragrant St John's Wort Tutsan Hypericum hircinum
Seeds of Fragrant St. John's Wort Hypericum hircinum

Hypericum hircinum (Fragrant St. John's Wort / Tutsan) 200-5000 Seeds | £3.99 - £59.99

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Hypericum hircinum (Fragrant St. John's Wort / Tutsan)


Fresh Seeds of Hypericum hircinum (Fragrant St. John's Wort / Tutsan).

An enchanting perennial shrub, growing to around 2-3 ft in height, gracing the garden with its understated yet captivating presence.

Spring foliage emerges in hues of blue-green with red undersides, and often red edges. As summer unfolds, the shrub is adorned with an abundance of delicate, golden-yellow flowers with long stamens, which beckon bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. The vivid yellow blossoms stand out in charming contrast against the surrounding blue-green foliage, fashioning a stunning and joyful spectacle.

As autumn approaches, green berries transform into a palette of pink, red, and ultimately purple or black. These decorative berries persist into late autumn, extending the shrub's visual allure well beyond the flowering season. The foliage undergoes a beautiful transition, showcasing warm autumn colours, offering delight to any garden landscape. 

Grows well within any reasonable soil in sun or shade.  Fully frost hardy to -20ºC.


Please note: full germination instructions are printed on each pack.


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Genus: Hypericum


Species: hircinum


English name: Fragrant St. John's Wort / Tutsan


Plant type: Deciduous shrub


Eventual height: 3ft


Flowering time: Summer, with autumn berries


Hardiness: - 20°C


Sun Exposure: Full sun to shade


Soil: Prefers a moist and fertile compost, but is tolerant of most reasonable soils


Propagation methods: From seed, semi-hardwood cuttings and divisions




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