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Bright pink attractive heart-shaped leaves with pointed tips emerge from the stem of a Ficus religiosa Bodhi Peepal Tree
A Ficus religiosa Bodhi Peepal Tree stands with an elegant mythical shape at a Buddhist temple in India | Heartwood Seeds UK
A buddhist Monk worships the statue of Buddha next to a Ficus religiosa Bodhi Peepal bonsai tree on a mountain in Sri Lanka
Sacred Buddhist statues in Thailand where the Peepal Tree has deep spiritual significance
The head of Lord Buddha carved into the ancient roots of a Ficus religiosa Bodhi Peepal Tree in Thailand
Sunset meditation scene of Buddha receiving enlightenment whilst sat under a Ficus religiosa Bodhi Peepal Tree
Ficus religiosa Bodhi Peepal Tree seeds
Heartwood seed pack, business card and teapot - Ficus religiosa

Ficus religiosa (Bodhi / Peepal Tree) | 25 to 1,000 Seeds | £3.49 - £98.99

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Ficus religiosa - (Bodhi Tree / Peepal Tree)


A very rare species that is grown by bonsai hobbyists, with an elegant, almost mythical, shape. Attractive heart-shaped leaves are pointed on the tips


Ficus religiosa, the Bodhi or Peepal Tree, is sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus, having a deep spiritual significance. Buddha was thought to have been sat beneath one when he received enlightenment (bodhi)


The oldest known tree in the world is a specimen of Ficus religiosa, named Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, which was planted over 2,000 years ago (during 288 BC) at the Anuradhapura Temple, in Sri Lanka


Within it’s tropical native regions, Ficus religiosa grows epiphytically when young - and can reach heights of up to 8 m. Native to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South-west China, Indochina


Grows approximately 3 ft tall when grown within a bonsai pot. For indoors growing as is frost tender.


The trees are easy to keep small (if desired) with pruning


Makes an excellent bonsai tree as the roots are very shallow and it is easily dwarfed


Please note: full germination instructions are printed on each pack


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Genus: Ficus


Species: religiosa


English name: Bodhi Tree / Sacred Tree


Plant type: Deciduous / semi-deciduous tree


Eventual height: 3 ft grown as a bonsai; generally no taller than 4-5 ft within very large pots when grown indoors


Season of Interest: All year


Hardiness: Frost tender; grown indoors / conservatory


Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade


Soil: Multipurpose compost, always kept moist unless during winter where the compost should be allowed to dry slightly between waterings (unless within a very warm house during winter)


Propagation methods: From seed




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