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Attractive Foliage Canopy of Ornamental Hardy Rare Garden Plant Yuanjiang Bamboo Fargesia yuanjiangensis | Heartwood Seeds UK
Fargesia yuanjiangensis Yuanjiang Umbrella Bamboo Seeds
Heartwood seed pack, business card and teapot - Fargesia yuanjiangensis

Fargesia yuanjiangensis (syn. Borinda yuanjiangensis) Yuanjiang Umbrella Bamboo | 15 Seeds | £3.49

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Fargesia yuanjiangensis (syn. Borinda yuanjiangensis) Yuanjiang Umbrella Bamboo 


Yuanjiang Bamboo is a perennial, clumping (non-invasive) bamboo species, native to the Yunnan Province of China, that typically grows in dense, attractive clumping formations.

Growing to 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) in height within temperate Europe, it can be used as an ornamental specimen plant, privacy screen, or hedge. The dense foliage provides good privacy and can act as a windbreak.

Its smooth culms, 1-2 cm in diameter, are primarily green, while the sheaths on young culms can show a reddish-purple or maroon hue that transitions to tan or light brown as they age.

It's leaves, 10-20 cm in length, are narrow and lanceolate in shape, which have a deep green colour and create a dense golden canopy, providing an attractive visual display.


Fully hardy to -20ºC (-4ºF) – keep on the drier side during frosts


Bamboo seeds are not always available due to worldwide shortages of most species; this is because they rarely flower, sometimes every 30 to even 100 years (called gregarious flowering)


Please note: full germination instructions are printed on each pack


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Genus: Fargesia


Species: yuanjiangensis


Synonym: Borinda yuanjiangensis


English name: Yuanjiang Umbrella Bamboo


Plant type: Clump-forming bamboo (non-invasive)


Eventual height: 4-6 m (13-20 feet)


Season of Interest: All seasons


Hardiness: Fully-hardy to -20ºC (-4ºF) – keep soil as dry as possible through hard frosts


Shelter: from very cold winds


Sun Exposure: Eventually full sun to partial-shade - but keep plants under 1 year old out of direct sunlight


Soil: Moist, fertile and well-drained; water well in hotter months


Propagation methods: Seeds, or division of clumps




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