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A Coffea arabica 'Catura' dwarf coffee houseplant with attractive, evergreen, glossy, deep-green foliage | Heartwood Seeds UK
Beautiful, small, white and highly fragrant, jasmine-like August flowers on a small Coffea arabica 'Catura' dwarf coffee tree
An abundance of small purple-red October berry fruits, known as coffee beans, grow upon a Coffea arabica 'Catura' dwarf tree
Attractive glossy green foliage of a Coffea arabica 'Catura' tree in Brazil; a dwarf cultivar originating from Bourbon Coffee
Cup of coffee held amongst the beautiful deep-green foliage of a Coffea arabica 'Catura' small tree growing in a conservatory
Seeds of Coffea arabica 'Catura'
Heartwood seed pack, business card and teapot - Coffea arabica 'Caturra'

Coffea arabica 'Caturra' (Dwarf Arabica Coffee) | 10 to 200 Seeds | £3.49 - £46.99

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Coffea arabica 'Caturra' (Dwarf Arabica Coffee)


Coffea arabica 'Caturra' is a dwarf cultivar of coffee, originating from Brazil from the result of a cross of Bourbon Coffee, possessing attractiveevergreenglossydeep-green foliage.

Being a dwarf cultivar, and generally staying under 6-8 ft in height, it is ideal for pot-growing as a conservatory or houseplant.  It also has the benefit of being much more tolerant of direct sun, than other Coffea species and varieties, as well as being an abundant producer of beautiful white flowers and subsequent coffee beans.

Plants start producing their beautifulsmallwhite and highly fragrant jasmine-like flowers, usually between August to October — and following this, small fruits redyellow and purple in colour; the fruits of which hold the seeds, known as 'coffee beans', which will turn dark brown upon roasting.

Coffea arabica 'Caturra' can tolerate low temperatures to some degree, but not frost, and it does best within a temperature range of 15 to 24°C (59 to 75 °F).

Please note: full germination instructions are printed on each pack.


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Genus: Coffea


Species: arabica


Cultivar: Caturra


English Name: Dwarf Arabica Coffee


Plant type: Small, evergreen tree


Eventual height: 6 - 8 ft when potted


Sun Exposure: Prefers partial shade; tolerates direct sun


Hardiness: Frost tender


Soil: Moist, fertile and well-drained. Water well during growing season, less in winter


Propagation methods: From seeds and cuttings




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